Lack of communication can hurt your business, both in terms of revenue and profit, as well as employee satisfaction. That’s why being able to always keep in touch with your entire team can make such a difference.

Superforce makes it easy to stay in constant contact with your frontline and mobile employees, as well as to help boost their engagement and make sure they’re satisfied and fulfilled by the work they’re doing.

Unify your communication channels

It’s impossible to communicate effectively when your team is using several different platforms to do so. From WhatsApp and email to regular old phone calls and text messages, the potential for crossed wires is never higher than when your communication is spread all over the place.

But with Superforce, you won’t have to worry about all that — everything you need is in the same place, all the time.

Stay on top of your entire team’s performance

Don’t worry about having to delegate too much and risk losing the personal touch that helps you manage your team as best you can. By always being able to reach out to individuals, special groups, or your entire team, you can stay on top of things without seeming overbearing to your employees.

  • Schedule regular messages
  • Create groups for different sectors
  • Contact your entire team at once
  • Help manage from afar with a personal touch

Get employee feedback easily

Sending out regular employee satisfaction surveys can be a complicated process. Not only do you have to find time to sit everyone down and ask them to devote their own time to filling out the form, you can never be quite sure that people are being unbiased since it’s such a public affair. With Superforce, on the other hand, getting true, instant feedback on how your employees feel about the work they do is the matter of just a few clicks.

  • Design customised feedback forms in a matter of minutes
  • Send the surveys out to your entire team instantly
  • Get real, honest feedback since they’re giving you their thoughts in private instead of in front of their peers
  • Easily manage and draw conclusions from the data you collect

Onboard new workers rapidly

If there’s one word that’s guaranteed to strike fear into a manager’s heart, it’s “onboarding”. The process of bringing new employees on board is stressful for management and staff alike, and the risks you run by not having proper material or not optimising the process are significant. Because a poor training process can lead to lower satisfaction rates among your workers, you also risk increasing the probability of employee turnover/churn, which will cost your organisation even more time and money in the long-term.

That’s why we designed Superforce to make the entire onboarding process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

  • Design customised training materials and processes
  • Track employee training progress with interactive checklists and quizzes
  • Get feedback on what you could improve about your onboarding process through anonymous feedback forms
  • Improve your process from every angle and reduce overall employee turnover

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