Manage teams via WhatsApp

Give your team the intuitive conversational experience they need

Not every employee works at a desk. Make sure your entire team has equal access to critical information: anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Available on any device with WhatsApp
  • An immediately familiar interface for field workers
  • A feature-rich platform with instant onboarding

Digitize task management without a learning curve

Empower your employees with centralized company updates and on-demand chat support, while giving them a clear sense of direction.

Enable your field workers to:

  • Receive tasks, instructions, and other media via WhatsApp
  • Send completion reports with proof
  • Fulfill recurring assignments

Provide support to your staff, no matter where they need it

Get a 360° view of your business through daily reporting, satisfaction surveys, and employee feedback.

  • Centralize all WhatsApp communications
  • Real-time chat with management
  • Regular leadership and team updates

Give your employees a voice

Help your employees actively contribute to their workflow by having their own voice and input in team-wide communication channels.

  • Conduct surveys
  • Receive regular feedback
  • Easy to use appraisals

Custom solutions


Easily onboard your employees by only requiring a phone number


Invite managers to send tasks, surveys, and request reports from workers


Monitor activity across the company with a unified, 360-degree view


Keep your staff up-to-date with urgent announcements and all the latest company news

Digitize your entire workplace and reach every worker — from the front line all the way to HQ


Superforce enables managers to create and send tasks to their colleagues who work in the field and don’t have access to desktop task management software.

By sending a message through familiar conversational interfaces, managers can communicate with their workforce in a simple, efficient, and scalable way.


Make data driven decisions by publishing employee surveys and send questions to your workforce with just a few clicks.

Employees receive questions on their phones, no matter where they are, and can reply to managers in a matter of seconds.


Using scheduled reports, monitor each worker’s activity via intuitive, text-based channels.

All of the reports are submitted into the cloud-powered dashboard, which makes it easier for managers to access the reports in real-time, schedule tasks for the future and monitor their employees' work.


No email? No problem! Make sure that critical messages, updates and announcements are seen by everyone, instantly, and turn your employees into advocates at the same time.


Wave informal Whatsapp groups good-bye. With Superforce, workers can send a message to a centralised chat channel and receive a reply from one of the managers whenever they need it most.

Managers can use the web interface to reply more conveniently, too.

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