6 Ways Mobile-Friendly Task Management Software Engages Employee Productivity

Apr 19, 2021

Field workers and managers have to accept and adapt to new digital management in the workplace. New technologies, like Superforce task management software enables managers to communicate with employees through messaging channels like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Employees who are actively engaged at work are more likely to stay with their current companies, meaning higher employee retention, better knowledge from more longevity in their roles encouraging moving up from within, and far better customer satisfaction because the field workers' teams have a healthy support system behind them, whether at the job site, or the office.

In a study done by The Economist, various CIOs who surveyed 1800 of their employees stated that there was a 16% increase in employee productivity as a result of mobile software, 18% higher for creativity, 23% for satisfaction, and 21% for loyalty. The ability to work anywhere at any time was a specific incentive for CIO's to adopt and embrace the burgeoning software.

Superforce helps businesses to:

1. Build a strong community: better relationships across the company

Employees are more productive when they feel more engaged. When communication is easier while working in the field, employees are more motivated to connect with other staff and managers and it boosts energy and morale. Customer satisfaction is also higher quality when field workers know they have an engaged team behind them to support them when they are on the front lines. When employees are happy, customers are happy and the flow of work is more consistent and productive.

As of 2018, 80% of the world’s workforce was deskless according to a poll done by Emergence. Their research shows that the top 8 deskless industries include: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Construction, which employ 2.7 billion people. When better attention is given to field workers, they will feel more encouraged and engaged.

how much of the workforce is deskless across industries
Image source: Deskless Workforce 2018

At the moment, most field workers have outdated and time-consuming ways of updating other employees and managers about their work flow. Where they have been previously overlooked in the software industry, Superforce can now advance them in ease and time with it’s training-free, uncomplicated task management software.  

2. Establish leadership: with the digital workplace, it’s now possible to notice leaders who don't work in the office

Connecting with management and office support has never been easier. Having a communicative team is important for employee retention. Most people leave their jobs because of lack of synergy with other team members and managers. When management can connect with the staff no matter where they are, leadership is improved and so is employee morale. Employee retention is important for customer trust and high employment turnover means more training, less knowledgeable staff, and higher costs for the company.

According to Gallup, by February 2020, employee engagement had only reached 35% in the United States, the highest percentage since 2000. Many employees who leave jobs are unmotivated, don’t feel appreciated, don’t enjoy their tasks, or their coworkers. 13% said they were disengaged and miserable, which is the lowest percentage in years, and the rest were just showing up. Having access to a digital workplace that is mobile-friendly will increase employee productivity in the long run.

construction workers teamwork

When leaders at work are actively connected with staff through a digital workplace and consistently engaged with what is going on in the field, employees feel more valued, and as a result, teamwork and leadership is stronger.

3. Less risk of failure: managers can reply to their employees’ questions and requests

Superforce’s internal system allows managers and employees to connect conveniently. Answers to questions and support from office staff while in the field, can now flow more efficiently. Collecting opinions, sharing different ideas through surveys, and getting the updates out to everyone is now simpler. Deloitte says only 22% of companies survey their employees on a quarterly basis. Getting regular feedback from employees and making positive improvements to procedures will increase employee productivity.

female construction worker texting on the phone

The employee engagement strategy is important to keep everything running smoothly. Adding a mobile workforce software such as Superforce is an important integration to that strategy. Employees like coming to work when they have fun and that means heightened employee productivity as a result of a dynamic system and company culture.

4. Quick news: employees can receive any tasks and get updated on changes immediately

Superforce can notify employees quickly of any updates or changes from anywhere. It’s easy to get emails and other messages mixed in with work-related materials. With one app that can notify all employees, or the ones on your team, never miss an email or text update, or forget to include someone who needs to know. Superforce offers helpful updates to your team regarding when tasks, surveys, and when reports are assigned and completed, keeping employees focused on the tasks that need to be done, and up to date on the tasks that are already finished. This provides clarity between the team members so all tasks are easily distributed and executed and there is less time wasted on double-duty. The digital workplace has clarified the work that has been done.

In a survey done of 3000 employees in the UK, 52% of them wished their office software worked as well as, and was as modern as, the apps on their cell phones. They also complained that the software the company chose took more training and work than common cell phone applications. Superforce is a mobile-friendly task management software that requires no training and works conveniently with other apps, like WhatsApp, to make services more modern for field workers.

a happy construction worker looking at the mobile phone

5. Data analysis: all data is stored in one dashboard, making it easy to analyze the performance of employees

Superforce’s convenient dashboard is helpful for managers to see who has done what and for delegating more tasks. Analyzing filed workers’ performance with tangible data showing their accomplishments in the digital workplace boosts employee morale and is not likely to go unseen by their teammates. Tracking achievements, recognizing, and rewarding staff is of importance in increasing employee morale and in turn making them more engaged. Peer to peer recognition and management to employee recognition are positive ways for the team to support each other, keeping them engaged with encouragement.

6. Efficient reporting system: submission of reports takes a few minutes and can be done via a quick message

The deskless workforce is only increasing and will continue to increase with the pandemic. Many workers from different industries are no longer working from offices but need to send reporting back to some sort of headquarters. Superforce has a convenient and easy-to-use reporting system to be able to accommodate workers on the front lines who have been overlooked in terms of deskless software. Many jobs, depending on the industry, aren’t done in an office anymore. And in some industries more than others, the workers will never be in a central location but the headquarters will also need proper updates on the fieldwork. It’s a win-win for everyone.

send work reports from mobile phone

Research shows in general polls and in different industries that people predict the deskless workforce will increase at least 50-60% in 2021. Having the added value of a mobile-ready deskless workforce suite software will increase employee engagement, quality of communication, productivity, and overall employee morale. Superforce can sharpen up your reporting and updating procedures, gaining a competitive edge in the workforce.