5 Ways Task Management Software Helps Project Managers Track the Progress of Workers in Real-Time

Apr 19, 2021

With the increasing shift into remote working and technology for the deskless worker, sending tasks and managing employee productivity from a distance can now be done by one task management software system, to send reports and updates to hundreds of frontline employees at once.

1. Minute to minute updates of tasks received and completed between managers and staff

Now, the mobile workforce can check off multiple tasks and send them straight to management with Superforce task management software. Since there is no training involved, staff won’t need to take time away from their primary tasks. When these updates are received in real-time, management has more control over the time management of workers as it’s difficult to oversee frontline employees that have less supervision in different areas of a job site, or are at different working locations. It’s simpler to know where your employees are as well. If a staff member just checked off a task in a certain place of the job site, management knows where the employee is and what they are working on at the moment. Before WhatsApp task management software like Superforce, employee management was difficult on grounds without walkie-talkies or asking around if anyone has seen them. Superforce helps project managers track the progress of workers in real-time and complete projects faster.

2. More efficient task management allocation for managers

Having hundreds of staff in different locations who do not use computers is a challenge for managers that need to delegate tasks. Superforce's task management software system can send tasks and reports through texting platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, meaning no software training or mobile apps for employees to use, just the same texting platforms they use anyways to answer that the task has been finished. Now that management can see the completion of tasks in real-time, they can better monitor employee time management to know how long tasks should take and avoid time fraud which unfortunately happens at times with unsupervised workers.

Venture Harbor says that managing projects is the #1 problem for companies with workers in different places. While there are many software platforms available for remote workers with desks, Superforce is a task management software solution that sends out tasks through WhatsApp and Telegram, or any texting platform of the employees’ choice. Now not only is it simpler to distribute tasks and receive updates from staff through their cell phones but there’s a simpler solution for employees to update completed task statuses, keeping management more involved and informed as well.

3. Check in’s per mobile instead workers reporting to an office before going to the job site

When working at different job sites, management cannot possibly be in all places at once. Clock-in software can be hard to use from cell phones and punctuality could be scattered amongst many workers lacking supervision. Not to mention, it is more convenient for workers to report straight to a job site in the morning because of traffic and for sustainability. Now that managers can delegate tasks through Superforce by way of WhatsApp task reporting, managers don’t need to worry about late employees and time being wasted or stolen at unsupervised job sites.

Having a direct line of communication through their cell phones will maximize employee productivity because timing and tasks will be more sufficiently tracked without micromanagement or lack of supervision.  

4. Send details that stay in workers' phones, to not miss any important details

Lost paperwork on job sites and in warehouses can be problematic when reporting on how tasks were completed. With Superforce, sending detailed reports to multiple workers, with checklists that stay in their phone and are a task management software communication channel through WhatsApp, are a convenient way to give details without anyone missing out on important tasks.

Details also promote transparency between management and staff where it wasn’t as clear before for the deskless worker. Miscommunications and red flags on jobs done can now be reduced with more transparent communication written on their phones.

5. Management has better communication with a large team when they are at different job sites than employees

This hSO article says that more than 50% of the workforce in the UK will be working remotely, most likely permanently as a result of its former popularity regarding job flexibility, sustainability, and morale, on top of the following pandemic. Moreover, 80% of the workforce is already deskless, so better communication through a task management software system such as Superforce, will already prepare companies for what is inevitable in this technological shift.

Frontline employees are not always staying at home in front of the computer. They can work from an airport, a doctor’s waiting room, in the field, in the factory, at the job site, or anywhere else. When you have multiple workers on job sites, whether in the field, the warehouse, or working from home, it is more efficient to use Superforce for various task management to control everything with ease.

Boost your task management strategy and two-way communication with staff in any location with Superforce mobile software management. Now easily maximize staff productivity with routine check-ins with simple work delegation. Superforce can minimize miscommunications and time theft with easy-to-use texting technology for the deskless workforce.