5 Ways Mobile Task Management Software Can Be Used in the Hospitality Industry to Track the Progress of Workers

Apr 19, 2021

Working in a large hotel with many employees, guests, and multiple managers is a fun and hectic work environment. Between wanting to give the best client services, local health and safety laws, and global expectations from locals and foreigners coming to your hotel, there are a lot of tasks to be done and to delegate to your team. Making sure everything is done properly is now easier with Superforce task management software.

While hotel management software works on the computer when management is in their office, most workers in the hotel industry never use a computer while at work. Moreover, management is seldom in their offices overseeing the operations. Here we see 5 ways management can better track frontline employee progress with mobile task management software:

1. Reduce the amount of paper and time used with physical charting

In a hotel with many floors and elevators, there are many charts, checklists, and lists within lists to make sure the cleaning is done, the facilities are working, and the guests are happy. Some physical charts must legally be placed in plain view; think, elevator safety check, fire alarm check, and whatever else the country or state requires. But to keep management up to date and assure all has been done, when the manager is handling another measure elsewhere, frontline employees can now check off tasks they’ve done and send them back to managers with Superforce. This will reduce elevator climbing and paperwork done in physical charting regarding cleaning every room, the main kitchen cleaning, the dining hall, and many parts of the hotel where they still use paperwork.

In this Rentokil article from 2019, three of the biggest five complaints in hotels were customer service, cleanliness, and sustainability. With Superforce, deskless staff can pay better attention to detailed tasks regarding cleanliness, and less paperwork when sending out tasks digitally is a more sustainable option.

2. Staff can check off what tasks they’ve done to inform management of updates in real-time

Now, frontline employees can check off multiple tasks and send them straight to task management software with common apps used in their mobile phones. Since there is no training involved, staff won’t need to take time away from their primary tasks. When these updates are received in real-time, management has more control over the time management of workers as it’s easy to get lost in a big hotel with hundreds of deskless employees, schedules, and tasks. It’s simpler to know where your frontline employees are as well. If maintenance just checked off chlorinating the pool, for example, management knows where the employee is and what they are working on at the moment. Before technology like Superforce, it was difficult searching for any employee without walkie-talkies that make noise and affect the customer experience.

This Swipeclock article mentions that because hotels are large and there are hundreds of unsupervised employees, it is easy to commit time theft. If employees send checked updates back to management in between tasks, management can much more clearly monitor the progress of the staff.

3. Delegate tasks regarding cleaning and fixes

When frontline employees are scattered between rooms, floors, and different departments, it is more efficient to use Superforce task management software. If management needs to be on another side of the hotel, it is convenient to send out tasks and updates to the whole staff from one platform. With Superforce, staff never miss out on tasks that need to be done. If towels need to go to the third floor, there is no need to come back downstairs unnecessarily if the housekeeper has them on hand. If maintenance needs to fix the barbecue and they are finishing a fix in the laundry room, they can go straight there instead of checking in at the manager’s office or carrying around walkie-talkies, disturbing other visitors and staff. Management can easily monitor the progress of frontline employees in real-time receiving updates when things have been finished.

4. Notify staff of schedule changes and events

With ever-changing schedules and events in the hospitality industry, having one platform to notify everyone of changes is the best bet. If a party is delayed, everyone can be aware of time changes. If an event is cancelled and moved to another day, don’t worry that the conference room will be booked just before you’ve gone running to the front office. Superforce allows for important updates regarding staff and client changes to make the time and planning in the already busy hospitality industry easier to manage for everyone and in turn, making your guest experience even better.  

5. Easily communicate between management and staff regardless of location

No more asking around who has seen whom or running around the hotel with paperwork that gets misplaced. Regardless of where frontline employees are, enjoy efficient reporting and update information sent quickly through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

With Superforce’s easy-to-use platform, improve necessary communication through management and staff. Now, it’s simple to track employee progress with updated checklists sent straight to management in real-time, knowing what your staff needs and has done every step of the way.