5 Reasons Poor Reporting and Task Management Software Hurts Your Construction Business

Apr 19, 2021

When construction project managers can’t be at the job site, it’s one of the biggest reasons that construction projects fail. Many different personalities wearing different hats with a lack of structure in hierarchical oversight is problematic. Reporting and project management tools like task management software are crucial to your construction business to facilitate daily tasks and mitigate confusion so projects get completed correctly.

Managing your communication through easy-to-use technology is beneficial to your strategy regarding success in the overall project. Since intercommunication and lack of technology in the field are the biggest challenges in construction project management organization, Superforce can solve both issues with one reliable platform.

1. Lack of time management

In and out of the office, meetings that have no structure, too many managers from different fields, too many frontline workers and other employees that don’t need to be there, and people being late, waste a lot of time. Eliminate all of the standing around, arguments, and complaints by having fewer decision-makers in meetings so they can delegate tasks later and confirm those through deskless task management software.

Establishing due dates in a reporting system helps construction project management go more smoothly. When a project is done late due to another link in the chain that has not been completed, management is updated faster so there are fewer surprises and can be handled sooner.

Superforce was designed with time management improvement in mind as well as employee punctuality when construction project management software cannot be accessed in the field.

2. Delegating tasks and misallocated human resources

Inadequate planning leads to disaster and Superforce can help organize your ideas with ease. When dealing with clients, architects, fabricators, plumbers, and many more people, delegating tasks to your own employees can be stressful. Having a strategy beforehand with a simple to use platform will decrease the disorganization and mistakes made later on from improper planning.

Monitoring the progress of a larger team is a complex ordeal without a proper technological investment. Now that monitoring will demonstrate a more tangible solution in the progress of the construction project.

Superforce is the answer to simplified task delegation and better allocated human resources. Since workers either don’t have access to construction management software or it requires a lot of training when they need to be working on other tasks, Superforce is the best way to delegate tasks in a straightforward way to the deskless worker.

3. Lack of proper project management tools is costly

According to Construct Connect, lack of communication between employees, clients, and other companies on the site wastes a lot of time and energy, which in turn wastes money. Salaries paid for time standing around in unnecessary confusion, tasks done incorrectly by the wrong person at sites, and not getting started and finishing on time, are all costly for everyone involved. Part of keeping stakeholders and clients happy, besides the patience of dealing with the project anyway, is keeping costs down and not losing any profits from the project on the business side.

Superforce is the best project management tool to increase cost efficiency because when there is a clear guide of the tasks at hand, two-way communication between construction project managers, office staff, and frontline workers, and a clear hierarchy with authority and due dates, jobs and schedules will be less clouded and in turn save time and money.

4. Slow reporting on updates and no way for field workers to send them

Many of the field workers on the site have cell phones but managing a multi-faceted software system is not their job and isn’t mobile-friendly. Updates require computers to keep things on track nowadays, and the old system of reporting by paper isn’t going to keep the company up to date either. Papers get lost and destroyed at job sites and have to be physically turned in. Since former ways of working are now improving tremendously with the use of the internet, there are more efficient ways of combating those issues.

Superforce is an easy-to-use task management software that works through common mobile messaging apps so reporting on updates is done in seconds where none existed before. Since there is a small amount of integration and no training involved with Superforce, field workers can now send reports to construction project managers who oversee hundreds of staff, to make it more organized for all parties.

construction worker on an ipad

5. Field workers are not in unison

If you manage hundreds of field workers and you are having trouble maintaining your staff, Superforce is a simple project management tool that sends tasks out to staff so they can report back when finished. Workers are kept up to date on any information that is necessary, while checking in with management who had a lack of control when they couldn’t be at the site before.  

According to this 2019 KPMG Global Construction Survey, “46 percent [of 223] respondents in construction companies say people are the most important factor in delivering successful projects - against 28 percent for technology and 26 percent for process and governance.”

And in 2016, KPMG emphasized how technology is disrupting the construction world, with that disruption rate increasing every year. Superforce is the task management software resource construction firms need in order to make successful progress through governance.

More constant updates and reporting means having control when something goes wrong. Knowing what is going on at the site when you can’t be present leaves more time for you to change plans when something hasn’t been done correctly or on time.

Superforce is the answer to making the outcome of the construction project management more efficient for everyone involved, organizing the communication at a better level, with one simple platform.