The manufacturing industry, with its wide-ranging and flexible demands, can be complicated to navigate if you don’t have an effective way to get in touch with your entire team the second you need to.

That’s why we designed Superforce to make it easy for you to instantly communicate with everybody on your team, whether it’s spreading good news, sending encouraging messages, or reacting to urgent needs in real-time, it’s the perfect way to make sure your finger is always on the pulse.

Onboarding and training

Bringing new, deskless workers onboard and training them is one of the most expensive and complicated aspects of running any manufacturing-industry business, and having subpar processes in place will only result in higher employee turnover and lower levels of worker satisfaction, potentially compounding the negative effects.

By making onboarding accessible, intuitive, and inclusive for everybody (irrespective of age or technical ability), you won’t just be saving costs; you’ll also be keeping your field workforce happy, engaged, and focused on the task at hand.

  • Target content to specific teams or reach out to your entire workforce with a single click
  • Send training material over text with messages you’ve scheduled in advance
  • Easily track your employees’ progress by sending checklists and quizzes directly to their phones via text messages
  • Speed up the training process and make sure your deskless workforce is always up to date by instantly sharing interactive training content, guidelines, and videos

Powerful communication

Staying competitive in today’s marketplace requires managers to be agile. And with poor access to information and inconsistent communication reducing productivity and increasing operating costs, the risks of not communicating properly at the production line are too significant to overlook.

With Superforce, you’ll be able to streamline your communications, increasing engagement among your workers and helping your entire team to stay connected, motivated and aligned.

  • Enhance internal manager-employee communication
  • Make it easy for your employees to give you feedback by delivering surveys over texts
  • Spread the good news about company wins and other announcements via text messages instantly delivered to everybody’s phones

Boost your on-floor safety levels

The last thing anybody wants is an accident on the factory floor, and with Superforce, it’s easy to reduce the probability of unwanted incidents occurring.

  • Provide your workers with all the healthy & safety information they need
  • Promote a safe working environment and stay compliant with regulations
  • Help your employees easily access updated operating procedures, safety protocols, and emergency contacts
  • Send instant notifications and reminders for checklists  and FAQs
  • Alert your entire workforce at once with urgent messages in event of a crisis

Enhance productivity

Every manufacturer wants to save costs and boost productivity, but that’s usually easier said than done, unless you’re using Superforce. By creating a productive working environment and improving worker engagement and motivation rates, you’ll be able to help everybody work harder and smarter at no added cost.

  • Send out daily tasks and reminders
  • Request reports and track progress on tasks in a daily, weekly, or even project-based timeline
  • Give your workers feedback in real-time quickly, efficiently, and reliably

Empower managers

On average, managers can spend up to 60% of their working time going back and forth between the production floor and the head office. By equipping your managers with a unified, intuitive messaging platform, you’ll be saving everybody’s time without compromising on the skills, tools, or knowledge your team needs to work productively.

  • Open a two-way messaging channel between managers and and the production team to allow a seamless, real-time exchange of information to take place
  • Preschedule standard messages in advance and automate announcements, news, and task details
  • Track task completion progress, employee engagement statistics, messages and reports in one unified analytics dashboard
  • Recognise and reward employees for their progress and achievements

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