Today’s fast-paced, modern business environment exerts all kinds of new demands on your workers, and nowhere is this more evident than in the hospitality industry, where creating a safe, friendly, and receptive environment for your guests is just as important as ensuring your employees are engaged, focused, and well cared for.

With Superforce, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your entire team without sacrificing excessive amounts of time or energy. It’s also the perfect way to make sure everybody stays aligned and on-task, no matter what their particular role within your organisation actually is.

Communicate better, adapt faster

By staying in constant communication with your team, you’ll be better equipped to handle any urgent needs that come up. Whether it’s attending to a certain guest, resolving a crisis, or simply just making sure everybody’s where they’re supposed to be, using Superforce to enhance the way you communicate can only help your hospitality service improve.

  • Be more reactive to the needs of your guests
  • Adapt to changes in real-time
  • Create a more responsive, customisable service
  • Inform your whole team about any new strategies the second you need to

Boost employee morale

Everybody has times when they feel like they’re in a slump, whether it’s because of burnout or over tiredness or just a bad day (we all have them). However, a team of downtrodden employees isn’t the best way to make sure your guests feel at home when they’re using your service, and it’s not always practical to run around checking in on everyone and helping them to keep their chins up.

Luckily, we built Superforce to solve exactly that problem. By having instant access to your whole team, you won’t just be able to find out when they’re feeling discouraged; you’ll also be able to perk them up with a few messages here and there whenever they need it.

  • Spread good news about company wins to your staff
  • Target specific positive messages to groups who are coming towards the end of a gruelling, difficult shift
  • Encourage everybody throughout the day with specialised content delivered instantly
  • Give everyone the chance to make their voices heard with interactive feedback surveys

Help everyone feel safe

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we perceive and interact with spaces, and nowhere is this shift in thinking more evident than in the hospitality industry. It’s no longer good enough to simply pay lip service to being hygienic — in today’s business environment, you need a way to guarantee both your employees and your service users that their health needs are being taken into consideration.

By using Superforce, you can easily spread safety guidelines, get instant feedback on how safe your workers feel throughout their day, and ask for guidance to figure out which problems you could work on resolving more effectively.

  • Design custom safety guidelines and immediately dispatch them to your entire team
  • Change documents in real-time to reflect the latest health and safety advice
  • Send out feedback forms your employees can use to tell you how safe they feel and what you might be able to do better
  • In case of an urgent health crisis, get in touch with everyone instantly to advise them on what they should do and to cut down on uncertainty and panic

Enhance your overall productivity

By making small changes throughout your team’s workflow, you can expect to reap the rewards in the long run as those changes compound and further improve each and every worker’s personal productivity levels. From cutting down on wasted time to find more effective ways of customising processes, there’s no end to the list of ways you can make your hospitality team more productive, and Supercode is the ideal way to do just that thanks to our software’s advanced flexibility and real-time functionality.

  • Keep your team on target with regular instant updates on task progress
  • Track workers' understanding of guidelines and protocols with checklists and quizzes
  • Design specialised content for certain groups handling specific tasks

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