Upgrade your frontline workers

Keep your deskless team engaged through an intuitive, state-of-the-art messaging interface.

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The future of deskless work is conversational

Superforce is a productivity suite for deskless workers. Manage your workload, keep your team engaged, and give your field workers the experience they deserve, all through WhatsApp.

Manage frontline teams through interactive text messaging

Assign tasks and control execution through a conversational interface like WhatsApp.

Unleash the true power of a fully connected workforce

Empower your employees with centralised company updates, on-demand chat support, and give a clear sense of direction.

Manage your team’s workload without needing complex software

Make task reporting and check-ins simple and training-free for field workers that don't work with computers in their primary tasks.

Delegate tasks all in one place

Use one platform to send messages, track, and organize tasks for multiple departments across your business.

Give your frontline workers tools they’ll actually use

Easy to use

Rapid adoption of the technology that resembles chatting to a colleague over WhatsApp. No apps to download, no software to set up and no training to go through for employees.

Reach everyone

Superforce is powered by the cloud and available everywhere. It’s always convenient for everyone who works in the field and doesn’t need access to a computer at a desk to do their job.

No learning curve

With Superforce, task management and reporting is quick and simple. It only takes a few seconds to create a new task or submit a report, and all necessary communication can be done directly from a mobile phone.

Loved by managers.
Demanded by executives.

Empower employees

Superforce enables your employees to work more effectively and focus on what they do best, rather than spending hours on paperwork and inefficient reporting.

Analyze performance

Superforce helps managers analyze data more efficiently, allowing them to pay more attention to areas that might otherwise have flown under the radar.

Save costs

Superforce reduces the time taken to schedule tasks and analyze data by 50%. Such a significant reduction in administration time allows your company to focus on growing the business instead of spending excessive amounts of time and money doing paperwork.

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