Mobile workforce management.

Send tasks, conduct surveys, create reports via WhatsApp and other messaging interfaces. With an easy to use system that keeps employees informed and allows two-way communication between management and staff, boost employee productivity and never miss out on need to know information!

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Connect with your workforce

Use familiar messaging channels to bring
your desktopless workforce to the digital world.
Task management through messengers

Superforce enables managers to create and send tasks to colleagues and employees who work in the field and do not have access to desktop reporting software. By sending a message through familiar interfaces, managers can communicate to their workforce in a simple, efficient way that is easy to scale. 

Daily reports, simplified

Superforce allows employees to send daily reports by using their mobile phones and tablets. All of the reports are submitted into the cloud-powered dashboard, which makes it easier for managers to access the reports in real time, schedule tasks for the future and monitor the work of their employees.


Superforce technology enables managers to conduct employee surveys and send questions to the workforce in just a few clicks. Employees receive questions on their phones with no need to access the computer and can reply to managers in a matter of seconds. 

Empower your mobile workforce.

Easy to use
Rapid adoption of the technology that resembles chatting to a colleague over WhatsApp. No apps to download, no software to set up and no training to go through for employees. 

The process of task management and reporting becomes quick and simple. It only takes a few seconds to create a new task or submit a report, and all communication can be done from a phone. 

Available everywhere
Superforce is powered by the cloud and available everywhere. It is convenient at all times, in all situations for everyone who works in the field and does not need access to a computer.

Better two-way communication between management and team members.

Empower employees
Superforce enables employees to work more effectively and focus on what they do the best instead of spending hours on paperwork and inefficient reporting. 

Performance analysis 
Superforce enables managers to analyse the data in a more efficient manner and allows them to pay more attention to areas that might otherwise not been noticed before. 

Cost saving 
Superforce reduces the time taken to schedule tasks and analyse data by 50%. A reduction in administration time allows the company to focus on growing the business instead of doing paperwork.

Empower your desktop-less workforce today.

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